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The San Diego Adult Baseball League Charity4Kids (SDABLC4K) is a Non-Profit corporation which offers assistance to those kids who are in need of sporting goods of ANY type, not just baseball, to give them the best chance of being the best athlete they can be. Since we are recognized as a 501(c)(3) charity, you can clean out your garage of any sort of usable (in good shape) sports item, drop it off to us, and we will be your direct conduit to San Diego area kids of all ages. We will choose a different school of any age each month

(see EVENTS) and directly deliver your donations.


So if your used or new sports item can place a baseball glove on a kid’s hand or a soccer shoe on a child’s foot, the SDABLC4K will make it happen.



In need of new equipment? New uniforms? If you run a youth program or know of one that could use a little help, click the link below to find out how to apply for a grant.


This is the heart and soul of our 501(c)(3) charity. Click here to understand what types of donations we accept and how making a donation with the Charity4Kids will benefit local school kids as well as benefit you and your family.


Help get more kids geared up. Choose your favorite sports & pledge only the equipment you want to donate. Let the kids play!


From time to time we will be holding events to raise funds or for goods or sevices donations. These will be held on particular school grounds or on the premises of local business. Click below for updated information.


We welcome companies who wish to donate goods, services, or monetary assistance. SD County kids could always use the help, some more than others. For more information regarding how your company can join our charity ranks click below.


Be one of those who make a difference. Volunteer opportunities and fund-raising ideas are wide open. Click below to find out how!

Our Charity Efforts

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To begin we'd like for you to get an idea of our recent charitable activities, some fairly substantial, some pretty much on the smaller side. Either way, it's all 4 the Kids.

Replaced the carpet and rubber mats in the 1st base dugout at Monte Vista HS

Laid a 4" concrete foundation with carpet in the batting cage at Hoover HS

Approved equipment Grant for Southwestern Middle School

Approved equipment Grant for Bell Middle School

Approved Grant for Hoover High School General Athletic Fund

Approved Grant for Crawford High School General Athletic Fund

Approved Grant for Morse High School general athletics fund