Get Involved

Be one of those who makes a difference. Volunteer opportunities and fund-raising ideas are just a click away.

The SDABL Charity4Kids always needs volunteers to help man drop boxes, reply to inquiries, pack and mail shirts, work fund raising events and much more.

Drop Boxes: will be located in three areas of San Diego and be available for donations of goods Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, noon to 7:00 pm;

Reply to Emails: this is a from home "job" which only requires a computer and some basic knowledge. Hours can be flexible;

Pack and Mail Shirts: we will be sending all donors who have joined our "Givers Club" membership a special t-shirt to be mailed weekly;

Fundraisers: These events will usually be held on weekends at schools or local businesses around the county. Check under Events for more details.

Come join our volunteer "army" and get that good feeling that comes with helping children be the best they can. The SDABL Charity4Kids welcomes you with open arms.

Thanks for your kind interest in lending a helping hand!